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general support
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Having a tough time deciding which program to support? There are so many worthy options! We can help. Donate here, and we’ll put your generous contribution to work where it’s needed most.

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Season of Entertainment

2019 2020 season schaumburg arts
$14,125.00 raised this year
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We’re coming back! Indoor programs at the Al Larson Prairie Center for the Arts will resume in December and we’ll have a short season running through May of 2022. Believe it or not, ticket prices only cover about half the cost of bringing great performances to the Prairie Center. Your contribution to our season of performing arts helps offset expenses, keeping tickets affordable, and ensuring the growth and excellence of performing arts in our community.

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Bobbi Sloan $650.00
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Young Artists Assistance Program

young artists assistance program
$1,000.00 raised this year
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All children should have the opportunity to learn and grow as individuals, and pursue their passions,
regardless of financial barriers. The Young Artists Assistance Program offers tuition assistance to
talented students in need, so they may participate in the Schaumburg Youth Orchestra, Schaumburg Youth Choir, or Schaumburg Dance Ensemble.

Students and their parents or guardians must apply for assistance annually. Tuition assistance, if
awarded, will fund up to 75% of the student’s youth program tuition for the year. All information is kept private and confidential.

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State Farm Insurance - Emillie An, Agent $500.00
Mendez Family McDonald’s $500.00

Screen Test Student Fest

screen test student fest
$225.00 raised this year
4 donors

Screen Test Student Fest is the Chicago area’s premiere festival dedicated to exhibiting short films made by students in grades K – 12. Films are selected and awarded by a panel of judges.

The first annual festival was held in February, 2007. The number of submissions has quadrupled over the years to include a variety of genres and styles, including stop action animation, war films, issue-driven documentaries, and experimental films.

In 2015, Screen Test began accepting submissions from throughout the U.S. and overseas, making it a truly international festival. All filmmakers participate in the fest, either in person or via live internet video connection.

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Schaumburg Nutcracker

schaumburg dance ensemble nutcracker
$3,325.00 raised this year
94 donors

For more than 25 years, Schaumburg Dance Ensemble’s production of the Nutcracker has been delighting audiences across multiple generations. The Nutcracker features more than 100 students and professional dancers, beautiful choreography, stunning costumes, colorful sets, and live narration. Professional dancers from the American Ballet Theatre, Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, Cincinnati Ballet, Hubbard Street Dance Company, and Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre have graced this production over the years. Student dancers come from far and wide to audition for the opportunity to perform with accomplished dancers in this highly professional production.

The Nutcracker has grown in popularity since its beginnings, with additional performances added to include ten public shows, and two abridged presentations for area school children. Dancers and audiences alike are enriched by the artistry and history of this classic ballet.

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Schaumburg Youth Choir

schaumburg choral program
$700.00 raised this year
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The Schaumburg Youth Choir is a recreational and educational outlet for talented singers, open to elementary students in grades 3 and up, junior high, high school and college students.

Members meet once weekly at the Prairie Center for the Arts to rehearse choral repertoire. The three ensembles present concerts at the Prairie Center and for the community throughout the area. They have performed for the Chicago Bulls, Schaumburg Boomers, the Harlem Globetrotters, and at Chicago’s Symphony Center for the Schaumburg Youth Orchestra’s 25th Anniversary Gala Concert.

The SYC is comprised of three separate performing ensembles:

Prelude – Open to all students in grades 3 and up, this choir trains our youngest singers. Focus is on singing technique, beginning sight-singing skills, unison and beginning two-part singing, and developing a life-long joy and love of singing.

Cantabile – Open to students in grades 6 through high school that demonstrate strong vocal technique and independent beginning sight-singing skills. Students learn more challenging sight-singing skills, vocal technique, and perform unison, 2-part, and 3-part choral repertoire.

Kammerchor – Open to high school and college students that demonstrate mature, experienced vocal technique and strong sight-singing skills. Students perform a wide variety of more challenging repertoire, ranging from unison to 8-part harmony. Students are instructed in vocal technique, music
theory, and ensemble performance skills.

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Schaumburg Youth Orchestra

schaumburg youth orchestra
$3,825.00 raised this year
124 donors

What began as a 16-member string ensemble in the Spring of 1989 has developed into four orchestras featuring over 200 student musicians from Chicago’s northwest suburbs.

The Schaumburg Youth Orchestra performs spring and winter concerts at the Schaumburg Prairie Center for the Arts, its rehearsal and performance base, and throughout the community. The advanced-level Schaumburg Youth Symphony Orchestra has toured overseas to perform in Japan, Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Paris and London. The Symphony Orchestra also recorded three compact discs: The Birth of a Millennium, which was distributed to parents of infants born in area hospitals in the year 2000, the Songs of Good Cheer holiday CD, and a recording of American compositions entitled Prairie Music. In 2010, the program celebrated its 20th anniversary with a gala concert at Chicago’s Symphony Center and returned there in 2014 for a 25th anniversary performance.

In its efforts to promote the performance and appreciation of classical music, the orchestra program offers sectional training and provides resources for students seeking private instruction. The orchestras exist as an adjunct to school music programs — all orchestra members play in their school orchestra or band.

The Schaumburg Youth Orchestra was awarded Youth Orchestra of the Year for 2001 and 2008 by the Illinois Council of Orchestras. In 2014, the ICO also named Symphony Orchestra Director Joseph Malmquist Youth Orchestra Conductor of the Year.

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Schaumburg Summer Theatre

schaumburg summer theater
$1,600.00 raised this year
3 donors

…the seasonal act to beat.” Pioneer Press

The Schaumburg Summer Theatre, sponsored by the Village of Schaumburg, presents full-scale musicals featuring the talents of high school and college students from the northwest suburbs.

The Summer Theatre’s first production of Bye Bye Birdie in 1989 featured 35 actors, singers, and dancers, and played for three performances over one weekend.  Since then, the number of performances has increased to four over two weekends, with casts that have boasted as many as 70 students.  Past productions have included Anything GoesThe CocoanutsCan Can, Guys and Dolls,Damn YankeesMy One and OnlyBrigadoon, Little Johnny JonesOnce Upon a Mattress, Oliver, The Pirates of Penzance, a revival of the Marx Brothers’ madcap musical comedy The Cocoanuts, How to Succeed in Business Without Really TryingKiss Me Kate, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum West Side Story, Sweeney Todd, and last summer’s production of Ragtime.

The program has garnered tremendous box office success, often playing to sold out houses. The shows have also become critical hits, earning several Pioneer Press Boonie Awards in recognition for outstanding community theatre in the northwest suburbs.  Many Summer Theatre alumni have gone on to professional careers, including Broadway, network television, film, opera and dance. The program can also boast one Tony Award winner among its alumni.

Actors, singers, and dancers are cast by audition, held around Memorial Day weekend.

Rehearsals and performances are held at the Schaumburg Prairie Center for the Arts.

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Jonathan Cunningham $50.00
Jonathan Cunningham $50.00
Schaumburg Bank & Trust $1,500.00